Exchange Year 101 / Life in the U.S. / Student Spotlight

True or False – (Exchange) life on a farm is boring… Not!

Today, we hear from Lilli from Germany. She spent the 20/21 school year in a small town on a farm in Michigan as part of a double placement with another exchange student from Spain. Read on to learn why – even though everything was different from what Lilli was used to in Germany – her exchange was a perfect experience!

Going to the US and living over there for 10 months was the best thing I have ever done. 

Living in Michigan, Bear Lake with my host family was the best placement ever. It was completely different to what I am used to here. Literally nothing was the same. At first I missed the city life but after some time I loved the country lifestyle. I loved living in a small town on a farm. I never thought I would miss that so much. 

Lilli embracing farm life in Michigan!

I always dreamed of having dogs. My dream came true when I went to America. I had two great danes over there. Mea Mea and Molly were the cutest ever! I miss them so much.

Lilli with her host family’s Great Danes, Mea Mea and Molly

I also played volleyball in high school which was the coolest part of high school sports. I wish I could go back and play again. I put the team picture, the newspaper articles and awards in my German room and always when I look at them I got to smile.

(left) Lilli (red shirt) playing volleyball (right) Lilli (2nd from the left) posing with her friends ready for prom

I can’t put it in words how thankful I am for the people I met in Bear Lake. My host family, my host sister, Anna Wan from Spain, my friends, my teachers. They all have a special place in my heart and I can’t wait to see all of them again!

– Lilli from Germany

(top left) Anna Wan from Spain, Lilli’s host sister, and Lilli goofing around (top right) Lilli’s host dad, Jeff, her host sister, Anna Wan from Spain, Lilli and her host mom, Amanda, after graduation (bottom left) Lilli’s host sister, Anna Wan from Spain, Lilli and Maria from Italy posing with their respective country flags (bottom right) Lilli’s host sister, Anna Wan from Spain, and Lilli enjoying a fall stroll at the Michigan beach

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