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Photography Tips for Travel

On this #WanderlustWednesday former Aspect student, Olivia, offers up some great tips so you can take photos like a pro during your exchange year! Apply for Spring 2019 programs abroad by visiting Aspect Foundation – Study Abroad. Deadlines have been extended through mid-October!

no7.jpgYou do not need a fancy camera to take a good photo! The majority of the photos during my time spent abroad were taken on an iPhone. Here are some tips to snap some good pics during your exchange year. Remember to send your photos to Aspect either by tagging them @aspectfoundation or sending an email to You may get the chance to be featured on their social media!

Tip #1: Go outside!!!

9 out of 10 times your photos will look better if you’re standing outside. Natural light is key to taking a good photo. Taking a photo of you and your friends in a living room doesn’t give a whole story of where you are or what you are doing. Taking a photo with the Adriatic Sea in the background on the other hand, makes the photo much more appealing to look at.


Tip #2: Rule of thirds

This is a really cool camera trick to help your photos look a thousand times better. The basic principle is that an image is broken into thirds both horizontally and vertically dividing the image into 9 squares. If you place the photo’s subject at the intersection of one of those points, it will catch your eye and make the image more interesting. 


Tip #3: Avoid using zoom

Typically this is a habit commonly used by older generations. It is easier and creates a better resolution photo to move closer to the item instead of using zoom. Or if you aren’t able to move closer, take the photo without zoom and then edit the photo later on.


Tip #4: Don’t over edit

It is ALWAYS better to just not edit at all than to over edit photos. Over editing a photo can make it seem unrealistic and take away from the actual subject captured instead of adding to it. If you decide to edit your photos, try editing them to half the amount you’d like to. So if you want to quadruple the contrast, simply double it instead.

However, don’t be afraid to try out new apps! 

Apps such as Visco, Instagram, and HUJI all have great preset edits you can use on your photos. If you want to try editing your photos yourself, the Adobe Lightroom app is a great way to do so.


Tip #5: Take a photo a day!

You will thank yourself later! You may think to yourself, there are so many days of my time abroad. Maybe the individual days don’t seem special, but you’d be surprised how much you’ll want to remember of your experience abroad over the years. So take a photo each day of something in your daily life. Whether it be your room or school cafeteria, you’ll have it all to look back on later in life!


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