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Thank You Thursday – Lucia from Spain

This week’s Thank You Thursday, we are sharing a very special thank you letter! Usually we only rarely hear from our students’ parents back home but this time we received a wonderful letter from the father of one of our 21/22 students. Manuel’s daughter, Lucia, spent the past school year in Utah and only returned home to Spain a few weeks ago.


I am Manuel, Lucia’s father. We have our daughter back here with us since June 2nd. 

Sometimes we only write when something goes wrong. This is not the case! We want to thank you for taking care of our daughter during this High School year in Utah. Lucia is very happy with what she calls “the year of her life”. She has achieved all the goals of the program.

(top and bottom left) Lucia (jersey number 11) and her basketball team (top right) Lucia and her tennis team (bottom right) Lucia (on the left) and her tennis partner at a JV tournament

She has had the chance of living in a very nice family who has treated her as one of their own, living some of the American culture. She may have a friendship for life with them, she will work to keep it. She made a lot of friends and learnt a different way of teaching in the school, she got very good grades, and, of course, she now talks a very fluent English. She got the chance of visiting many places with the family also and with Aspect in the last trip to the National Parks getting to know Sharmi [Lucia’s local coordinator] and her husband a little bit more and some other Aspect students. 

Lucia having fun with her host family (top) at a Jazz game (Lucia is the 2nd from the left), (bottom left) at a rodeo event (Lucia is on the right) and (bottom right) skiing with her host siblings (Lucia is in the middle)

Aspect was very efficient with the only issue that we had during her stay regarding the change of the family at the beginning of the program. You were able to put Lucia in other family very fast, and since then everything worked perfectly.

Lucia and her friends being silly before the winter formal (Lucia is the second girl from the right)

Lucia’s younger sister, Ines, loved it when we visited Lucia and Ines is telling me that she wants to do the same as Lucia. So hopefully in 3 years we will have my other daughter with you again.

So thank you again for your time and your dedication. 


– Manuel, Lucia’s father, from Spain

(top left) Lucia (jersey number 20) with her host sister at the powderpuff game (top right) Lucia (right) with her best friend at a football game (bottom) Lucia (middle wearing a Friends sweater) with her friends happy after a football game

And Lucia adds:

I did a lot of things with my host family! I went to a Jazz game, they taught me how to ski, I love playing board games with them or doing anything. I’m very grateful of having them as part of my life. The thing I like the most about the US is that the people are super nice. Everyone has been nice to me, even when they didn’t know me. All the tennis team, and on the team I met one of my best friends, the best host sister I could ever have and then on basketball team the nicest and funniest people.

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