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Welcome Photo and Video Roundup – Part Three

Welcome to the much-anticipated part three of our Welcome Roundup series, where we share heartwarming snapshots from our 2023 Arrival Photo and Video Contest! The photos and videos submitted truly depict the anticipation, excitement, and joy that comes with meeting host families. From the big smiles on the students’ faces to the warm embraces, these connections will be cherished for a lifetime. Stay tuned for the fourth and final installment of our Welcome Roundup Collection next week!

Lea from Germany meets the Pruss family! Lea says, “Finally in Oregon and so happy to meet my awesome host family!”

Simon from Spain with the Commins family in Lexington, Nebraska. Simon’s host mom, Sara, says, “He will be staying with us on our farm in Central Nebraska. This will be a big change for him going from his city life to our farm life helping us grow corn, beans, and hay to riding horses and taking care of cows and calves.”

Noor from Pakistan (yellow shirt) is ready to start a new chapter with the Kasmani family in Olympia, Washington!

Charlotte from France (white shirt) and the Frankel family, finally all together in Boulder, Colorado!

Adrija from Latvia (center) with the Kirby family in Illinois. Adrija says, “Meeting my host family members for the first time in Peoria airport!”

Lavinia from Italy (right) meets the Terrell family in Texas. Lavinia says, “Hi! I’m Lavinia and I’m an Italian exchange student in Texas. This is the first photo that I took with my host family when they picked me at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport on the 1st of August. My family is composed by my host mother, my host father and two host sisters who are both younger than me. I’m so excited and grateful to spend my entire experience with them and know about their culture as much as I can!”

Saule from Lithuania is excited to be with her host family, the Colbrooks, in Taylorville, Illinois!

Ilaria from Italy is warmly welcomed by the Ogle family in Clovis, California!

Jakub from Poland is met with a lovely sign and welcome by the happy Zakowski family in Michigan!

Are you interested in making a student a part of your family? We are looking for American host families to welcome a student for Spring 2024 and the upcoming 2024-25 school year. Check out the profiles of our wonderful students. New student profiles go online every Thursday!