Student Spotlight

A Small Town With Big Appreciation

by Martine from Norway

I was on my way home from a ski trip this winter, that I went on with my youth group. Then my host mom, Laura, said that we were going to the City Hall, because the other exchange students and I, in Greenview, were receiving a reward. She wasn’t really sure what it was, neither was I. I went home, took a shower and drove to the city hall. There I met Lori, my Aspect coordinator, my principal, and the whole board of Greenview.

First the board had a meeting, and agreed on different stuff about what changes they wanted to do in Greenview. Suddenly the mayor stood up and started to thank the other exchange students and me for being here and told what an honor it is to have such great students in our town. He gave us a key to the city and we all had to say some words. I said some words about how grateful I actually am, for living in Greenview.

Now, therefore, I, Daniel S. Horn, Village President of the Village of Greenview, do hereby proclaim January 20th, 2014 to be EXCHANGE STUDENT DAY IN GREENVIEW, and encourage the residents of Greenview to extend a welcome to all students involved.

The whole thing was just a really touching moment. When the mayor talked, he said so many great words. Then our host parents started to say some words. My host dad, Justin, said how amazing they think having me in their family have been, and that they think it’s a whole new experience having another child from another country, even though I’m their only child. But it’s always great to hear that someone appreciates you.

Key to the City

Martine (second from right) with fellow Aspect students, Emma (Sweden), Hendrik (Germany), and Ka Ian (Macau)

Our superintendent said some great words about us doing great at school. And I think it’s just amazing how nice they have been. Letting us join every single sport, club and activity we want. Even though I live in a really small community, I can’t feel the difference. Well of course, going from 80,000 people to 800, is a HUGE difference. But the people here make up for it. I don’t need 70,000 more, when I made so many great friends and have a great family here in Greenview. Living in a small community is not horrible, like I thought before I came here. Having 80 people in my high school almost made me want to cry, because I thought I would never get the whole high school experience. But I was totally wrong. Sometimes I feel I live in a movie. Being a cheerleader, walking down the hallway (we only have one hallway, says how big our school is), watching drama almost every day, it’s almost like in the movies.

So coming to Greenview is one of the best things that have happened to me. I learned that small communities take care of each other, and help each other out if they need a hand. I couldn’t be happier about my placement.