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10 Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad in France


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About guest blogger:

Juliette is an Aspect exchange student from France currently living her American Dream in Illinois. In hopes to encourage American high school students to study abroad and gain a life-changing experience like her, she shared with us 10 reasons why American high school students should study abroad in France! She is also participating in the International Education Week Scavenger Hunt. 


1. The food.

Baguette, croissant, crêpe, pain au chocolat and more. You’ll see that France has way more than ‘French fries,’ French dressing, or French onion. There’s no end to what you can sample and where you can enjoy it. You’ll be able to tell the difference between all types of bread and cheese. 

2. The landscapes, the architecture, and the history of the country.

You can find three very different coastlines or several mountain ranges. The French countryside is littered with castles, many with similar crenellations, towers, and ancestral portraits. You will feel like you are in a movie driving through the small towns, or the big cities. 

3. The culture and the art.

Le Louvre is arguably the best art museum in the world. Celebrate the paintings and the sculptures. Take a selfie with Mona Lisa or the David of Michelangelo. Hundreds of museums open for free during La nuit des musées. 

4. Perfect French accent.

You’ll get to say things like bisous, folie, époustouflante with the perfect accent like Julie Child in her famous cooking show. Bonjour. 

5. You get to tell everybody about “That time when I lived in France for a year.”

If that isn’t cool, I don’t know what is. “Wuand j’habiteê en France (…) Nestlée Toulousé…” 

6. After a month in France, you will see la vie en rose.

Like Edith Piaf in her world famous song, you will see life in rosy hues.

7. It’s a well known fact that France has the best fragrance and the best clothes.

Coco Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Yves St Laurent, or even Christian Dior, are all French.

8. If you want to travel around Europe during your exchange year, it’s the best country to go to.

France shares borders with 8 different countries, including Spain, Germany, Italy, Belgium – you pick.

9. The South of France.

If you want to see the spectacular blue waters of the Mediterranean, now is the time to go. It’s warm enough to sit on a chaise longue all day and read a book, yet still chilly enough at night to wear that cozy sweater you packed.

10. Once you make friends with a French person, you are friends for life.

Who doesn’t want a friendship that can last a lifetime on both sides of the Atlantic. They would want to visit you, and vice-versa. 

Aspect Foundation offers study abroad programs in France! Learn more about your opportunity to see la vie en rose for a summer, academic semester or year here. Aspect host families receive a $500 discount on their semester or year-long study abroad experience.