Life in the U.S.

First Snow Friday!

Brace yourselves…Winter is coming!

Here are a few photos of our exchange students experiencing their first snowfall of the season and quite possibly their first snow experience EVER! Stay warm and dry out there!

Luiza Snow (1)

Luiza from Brazil during the first snowfall in MN!

pin (1) (1).jpg

Pin from Thailand with host mom, Cassandra, still in PJs during the morning of Washington state’s first snowfall.

UY7-SED-004-M (1).jpg

Gonzalo from Spain experiencing a very rare San Antonio snow fall with the Loyd family.

IMG_20171021_112604_484 (1).jpg

Syeda from the Philippines was super excited to see snow for the first time during a small trip to Yakima, WA.

UY7-BEX-012-F catharina.jpg

Catharina from Brazil (far right) and her first time seeing snow in FL.

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