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Thank You Thursday: Mikito from Japan studying in Ohio

Today’s Thank You Thursday is from Mikito. He is a Japanese student currently studying at Rossford HS, staying with the Lewis family in Ohio. Mikito has been an exchange student in China, New Zealand, and now the US.




Dear my host family,

Japan does not have thanksgiving culture so I would never celebrate this holiday if I did not participate in the exchange program. I am so glad to celebrate it because we can eat a wonderful dinner which my dad and other people made, and above all it has a great opportunity to tell thank you again. And I want to say a lot of thank you to all of you.

First of all, thank you for having me. I was so nervous and anxious on the first day we first met. New family, new home, and different language. As time passed and we talk a lot, however, those feelings were gone and now I can relax just like my real home. I am very happy to be here and be a member of your family. I am so glad when my mom introduces myself as the Japanese son. But I feel sorry a lot because I always make some mistakes or misunderstandings. Thank you for helping me understand.

And thank you for trying to understand my English. I really know how hard [it is] to understand my Japanese English. But as I am used to speaking English, my Japanese English gets better. That is not only speaking but also listening and writing. This might be little by little but I am happy about it.

Thank you, mom for driving me home all the time especially soccer and drama season. I have experienced a lot of things which cannot do in Japan since I came here. But almost all experiences wouldn’t be done without your help and driving. I really appreciate it. I love Rossford high school because there are nice teachers and the class is interesting and fun.

Thank you, dad for making awesome dishes every week and working very hard for the family. I love your joking because it always makes us smile. I will stop saying “yeah, yeah, yeah” when I don’t understand. I will do my best to be recognized by you as a great English speaker and great Japanese son.

I would like to say thank you again to all of you. I love this family and Rossford. These are all because of you.

Thank you!

Mikito Y.


Mikito with 3/5 host parents’ grandkids posing with Santa for the holidays.

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