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IEW 2017 Scavenger Hunt Winners

A huge THANK YOU to all students who participated in this year’s IEW Scavenger Hunt. This activity allows our international students to share their exchange year and experiences in creative ways on social media and to others in their host communities. Here are a few of our favorite entries from this year:


Laiba from Pakistan as the representative for her country at her high school’s Multicultural Night.


Andriy from Ukraine organized and presented more than 10 country presentations to all ages of his community.


First prize winner, Khwezi from South Africa cooked a special South African meal called “Chakalaka” for his host family.


Syed from Pakistan taught his class his native language and about popular Pakistani dishes.

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 1.31.31 PM.png

Second place winner, Alvaro from Spain, met the mayoral candidate of his city in UT.


Giorgi from the Republic of Georgia, organized a free community event at the local library where 6 exchange student shared about their country and culture.


Chonthida from Thailand and Ariadna from Spain were invited to share about their experiences to Ms. Brown’s 6th grade class at Huxley Elementary School.

Congratulations to our prize winners! These students earned the most points out of our IEW 2017 Scavenger Hunt Checklist. In total among all participants, over 150 points were collected.

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  1. First place & a $500 Amazon gift card goes to Khwezi from South Africa, studying in CO.
  2. Second place & a $250 Amazon gift card goes to Alvaro from Spain, studying in UT.
  3. And third place & a $100 Amazon gift card goes to Nannapat from Thailand, also studying in UT.

Thanks to all who participated in International Education Week this year! Winners, prizes will be sent by mail this week.

If you are a current host family or student, submit your holiday photos to to be featured in our next post.

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