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“Firsts” Photo Round-Up : 2019/2020

September may have come and gone but a wonderful exchange year is still ahead! Many of you have been tagging us in some awesome initial experiences as exchange students. Check out a few of your #firsts below!

First days of School: 

First day of school

Pedro from Brazil (top left in a grey t-shirt), Kian from Philippines (bottom left), Clara from Germany (in blue shirt) and Juan from Spain in a blue t-shirt (top right), and Khachatur from Armenia (bottom right) all on their first days of school!

First New Eats:

Launa from GermanyLuana from Germany trying an elephant ear (a pie crust with butter and cinnamon sugar on it)-left and in & out cheeseburger( right) for the first time in Washington!

Sara from Palestine jpegSara from Gaza gives sushi a go!

Juan from Spain

Juan from Spain (left) roasting his first s’ mores with his host brother, Triston in West Virginia!

First Games:

Zeina from Egypt

Zeina from Egypt enjoys her first football game in Michigan!


Alex from Germany ( right) and Nermin from Montenegro (left) enjoy their first baseball game in Milwaukee!

Zeina from Egypt and Krissi from Germany

Zeina from Egypt and Krissi from Germany enjoy their first football game in Michigan!

Noe from japann

Noe from Japan enjoys her first baseball game with her host family in Washington!

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