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Thank You Thursday- Isabella from Italy

As we prepare to close out 2020, we bring you the last Thank You Thursday of the year from one of our students. This unparalleled year has been so difficult for so many of us, but it helps to always be thankful for the things and people that make us happy. Someone who would like to show her appreciation for some of the positive moments she experienced in 2020 is one of our former Italian students, Isabella. Isabella was here during the start of the pandemic and made her way back home in June.

Isabella (second from right) with her host family. “This is one of my favorite pictures with my host family. We took it during quarantine, one of the hardest moments in my exchange year. I have a really precious memory of that time: we were all together supporting each other, I really felt part of their life.”

Thank you. Thanks for being my family, for supporting me, for loving me and deciding to have another daughter. Being part of your family was a blessing. I learnt so much from all of you. I know that this relationship is not gonna end this year because you’re gonna be my second family for the rest of my life. So thank you because now I can consider me half American because of you! I had the best time in your house, I felt home since the first month I had been year. Saying goodbye was hard. I love you!

Top: “This is from a super fun trip in Arizona, I had the best time. I saw and explored for the first time the amazing nature of the canyons. It was also a great occasion to spend some quality time with my family.”

Left: “This was my first prom ever, a unique experience with my friends. They made me understand how important is to have friends who accept and help you in all the circumstances. They really made my life better.

Right: “This was the senior night at the football game. My host parents made me feel incredibly loved and important. I appreciated everything they did for me: always patient and smiling.”