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Thank You Thursday – Kiril from Moldova

For this week’s Thank You Thursday, Kiril from Moldova expresses his gratitude for everything his host family has been giving and doing for him since he became part of their family last August. Kiril is studying in Texas with the Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) program sponsored by the Department of State and staying with the Gibbs family. The Gibbs family are true believers in cultural exchange! Kiril is the 5th exchange student that they have welcomed to their home and hearts.

I arrived in the USA 5 month ago. Everyday I experienced something new. New school, new friends, new places, new emotions, new feelings, sometimes it might be really hard to get used to new things but if you have someone who supports you, it will get easier. My support always was my host family. From the first day they showed me how much they appreciate me, how much they love me, and how much I’m important to them! They tried and are still trying to make my exchange year unforgettable and exciting and honestly they have really succeeded in it.

Kiril is having the best year of his life in Texas with his host mom, Wendy, host dad, Charlie, and host brother, Coby!

I’m more than lucky to be part of their family, to call them “mom and dad” and thanks to them I learned what it means to have a brother. I will always call them my family, even 10 or 20 years after this year, they are always going to be my family, my people, a big part of my life. I appreciate every minute that we’ve spent together. I appreciate everything that they have done for me! Right now I’m not ready to say goodbye and I don’t think I’m going to be ready to say “bye” at the end of my exchange year. I love them and treat them like my real family and I’ll always do! Thank you to everyone that has made this year so special!

– Kiril from Moldova

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