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Thank You Thursday – Orlane from France

For this week’s Thank You Thursday, we have the pleasure of hearing from Orlane from France, who spent her 2022/23 year in Salt Lake City, Utah! From exhilarating horseback rides to immersive hikes in Utah’s stunning national parks, she describes her time abroad as “the best experience of my life” – all thanks to the incredible support of her host family, community, and International Coordinator. Orlane’s words remind us to embrace every moment, appreciating the present and the memories we create along the way.

Orlane (WEP shirt) greeting her host family at the Salt Lake City Airport.

I want to tell a big thank you to the people that I consider like my family, for everything they did, for every trip they took me on, and for being the best host family and one of the most incredible person I know. I want to tell them that I will miss them so much, but I’m looking forward to seeing them in America or France in the next few years.

Orlane (second to the left) with her host family.

I want to say thank you to Richfield high school for accepting me this year, and thank you to all the teachers and personnel who have been super kind.

Thank you to my coordinators for their help and for letting me sleep at their house a lot when I needed to 😁.

Orlane (right) with her friends, Marion and Margaux, at Disneyland.

Thank you to Marion and Margaux for being such good friends and thank you for all the fun moments we had together.

I am grateful for this very special and unforgettable experience that I had, and for all the people that helped make this year even better.

Orlane (left) riding a horse in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Thank you to my French parents who were the reason that I was able to come in America. I will miss this awesome country and state every day. I’m excited to come back!! 

Orlane (second to the left) visiting Arches National Park with her host family.

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