Exchange Year 101 / Life in the U.S.

Top Insider Tips for our Future Students: Part Two

Backpack? Check! Notebook? Check! Guidance and Tips? Check!

As our 2023/24 students continue to arrive and settle with their American host families and communities, we are thrilled to present the much-anticipated Part Two of our advice series! To help future exchange students make the most of their American adventure, we’ve gathered advice from our 2022/23 students who have just recently returned home after their amazing year in the US. Their insights, gained through personal growth and unique challenges, can help you – our 2023/24 students – make the best of your upcoming school year in the United States!

Aspect Foundation Students exploring the Museum of History & Industry in Seattle, Washington.

They have to say yes to everything, that’s the best way to get new experiences and learn. Also they have to have always a open mind with everything. They have to think and know that they are gonna live in a total new culture which they are not used to it, and they have to know that sometimes they might disagree with some things, but they totally have to accept them. As some American people won’t agree with some of your culture traditions. 

– Noah from Spain

Sofia spent her day preparing traditional Spanish cuisine for her host family in Utah.

Please don’t be afraid, don’t ever say no. I know it may be hard or seem impossible at the beginning, but everything changes and every sad tear will become a joy tear. Please don’t ever say no, you have no clue what could be waiting for you after a yes. This is your chance to start again and to create unforgettable memories. This is an opportunity that not everyone has the pleasure to live so take advantage of it.

– Sofia from Spain

Enjoy every single moment of your exchange year and spend as much time as possible with your family and your friends because your goal is going home without regretting anything. Don’t waste time alone in your room, but say “yes” when your family or your friends propose to do something, because you could have the chance to try something new that maybe you don’t have in your country. When you’ll feel homesick, try to talk to your friends or your family to express what you feel because they can help you to feel better or they can find something to do together to keep you busy

– Serena from Italy

Frederique with her host family as she graduates from her local high school in Lakeside, Arizona.

Try to live in the moment as much as possible, don’t be on your phone all the time, and limit your time communicating with your home.

– Frederique from the Netherlands

Don’t be afraid to try new things and say yes to new opportunities. Go out of your comfort zone because that’s how you grow as person and become a better person.

– Dana from Jordan

Always say yes when something new is offered to you. Don’t set your expectations too high. Have an after-school activity. Communicate with the people around you, especially your host family.

– Nina from France

Sod-erdene from Mongolia (left), Olha from Ukraine (center), and Mohamed from Tunisia (right) are ready to become future business leaders at the FBLA conference!

Enjoy, try and see the things that you can handle and have. This year is the only one in our life and teenage life. From the beginning, try a lot of things even weirds things. It will be memories. 

– Sod-erdene from Mongolia

Nina displaying the flag of her country during a presentation for International Education Week in Lafayette, Colorado.

I would tell them to always take initiative when it comes to meeting new people and be kind to everyone. It might be hard but try not to think about home and focus on your life here.

– Nina from Serbia

Are you interested in making a student a part of your family for the upcoming year? We are still looking for American host families to welcome a student in the fall! Check out the profiles of our wonderful students for the upcoming 23/24 year!