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Welcome Photo and Video Roundup – Part One

While we recently celebrated the winners of our 2023 Arrival Photo and Video Contest, we couldn’t help but be amazed by the sheer creativity that poured into every entry. Today, we proudly present the part one of the Welcome Roundup, offering a glimpse into the countless heartwarming and sweet ways host families across America have embraced their students. We extend our congratulations to all the participants whose entries touched our hearts and reminded us of the joys of hosting a student!

Alice from Italy shares a special moment with the Orgill family as she meets them in Utah!

Abd Alhadi from West Bank with the Sander family in Price, Utah. Emily, his host mom, says, “We got a new family member today! Welcome Abd Alhadi! We are so excited to have you living with us!”

Aybolek from Turkmenistan with the Goodsell family in Trementon, Utah. Aybolek says, “First meeting with my lovely host family!”

Ainoa from Spain being greeted by the Monday family in Chesterfield, Michigan!

Lui from Bangladesh with the Rosenbaum family in Gig Harbor, Washington. Deborah, her host mom, says it’s, “where family and friendships begin!”

Maxyn from Belgium with the Schafer family in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. Holley, Maxyn’s host mom, says, “We tried to wear something related to Wisconsin for Maxyn’s arrival from Belgium. Although we met her one month ago while we were in Europe, it was still just as exciting to welcome her to Wisconsin and to meet her host siblings for the first time. A beautiful reunion!”

Shabir from Pakistan with the Clennan family in Buckeye, Arizona. Shabir says, “It’s my first picture with my amazing host mom and dad at the airport!”

Rino, from Japan with the Mankoveckey family in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Rino’s host mom, Jennifer, says, “It now makes us a lively, energetic family of 7!!”

Are you interested in making a student a part of your family? We are looking for American host families to welcome a student for Spring 2024 and the upcoming 2024-25 school year! Check out the profiles of our wonderful students!