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Thank You Thursday – Samuil from Kyrgyzstan

For this week’s Thank You Thursday, Samuil from Kyrgyzstan studying in Utah with the Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) program sponsored by the Department of State tells us about his favorite experience so far. His sweet words remind us how our host families are truly America’s most generous volunteers and how much joy they bring to the world of the student they welcome to their home and hearts. Keep reading to hear why Samuil’s heart will forever remain partly in the U.S.!

If you ask me about my favorite experience in the US, it will be a simple question, but the answer’s more complicated. Because I’m having a great year in my life and the answer can change in an instant. That’s why I can say my favorite experience is my new family. I don’t wanna call them my host family cause they became closer than my host family to me. I spend a lot of my time with them and they give me the best experience. The experience which I wouldn’t have had in my life if I wouldn’t be here. So the answer is my family is my favorite experience.

Samuil’s host parents, little host brother, and fellow exchange student Enrico from Brazil, are welcoming Samuil (blue shirt) at the airport!

Like everyone I expected a lot of things and when I came here it was way different. I don’t wanna tell what I expected cause it will take a couple of pages but I can say – it’s for the best. I have learned so many things since I’ve been here. The most important thing I learned is to be an adult and more independent.

I’m thankful for everything. Every time I realize that I’m in the US and having the best year of my life, I’m so thankful and I can forget any problem.

– Samuil from Kyrgyzstan

(top left) Samuil with his host brother, Chance, wearing traditional Kyrgyz outfits (top right) Samuil and his host family on Christmas morning (bottom left) Samuil and his host dad, Lance, suiting up (bottom right) Samuil and his host mom, Adele, having fun!

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