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Thank You Thursday – Joy from Mongolia

For this week’s Thank You Thursday, Joy from Mongolia studying in Wisconsin with the Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) program sponsored by the Department of State tells us how truly lucky she feels to be part of her wonderful American (host) family and how her host mom, Gina, made Thanksgiving extra special!

I am very lucky to be part of this family and really appreciate everything that they have done for me. It means a lot to me. 

Joy’s host family is welcoming Joy (blue shirt) at the airport!

The best memory was during the Thanksgiving holiday. We all planned to have a big family dinner at our grandparent’s house. But I was a little bit sick, probably a cold, on that day, and I told my host mom, Gina. She brought me medicine and also, when I wasn’t able to join the big family dinner, my host mom decided to stay home with me. After the others went to the grandparents’ house, my host mom and me had our own Thanksgiving dish and talked about the holidays in our two countries, then we watched two Christmas movies. It was a nice cozy day with mom.

Joy and her host mom, Gina, enjoying a very special Thanksgiving dinner!

My host family makes my exchange year extra special and unforgettable. Thank you! I love you all!

– Joy from Mongolia

Joy is currently living the life of a typical American teenager posing for Christmas photos with her host family (top left), taking senior pictures wearing a traditional Mongolian dress (bottom left) and dressing up for Halloween (right)

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